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Upon you arrival at the Jetty of Komodo, warm welcoming by our English speaking guide then meeting point before start your tour. Our guide and two ragers will accompany you during explore Komodo island to see the Komodo Dragon and other wild life. Our English speaking guide will explain to you about Komodo island special Komodo Dragon. After trekking in Komodo island, you can visit local market to buy something like handicraft. And then continue to the Komodo Jetty for your next destination. Tour is End.


Let’s join our tours KOMODO ISLAND TOURS, KOMODO BOAT TOURS, OVERLAND TOURS FLORES for your holiday in Indonesia. Our tour packages to Komodo are designed for those who love exploring nature. The tours are combined with trekking to see komodo dragons and another wild life, snorkeling, diving, and beach-hopping. For our tours to Komodo, we offer you a memorable journey with our indonesian wooden boats. Our tour packages OVERLAND TOURS FLORES take you on an adventure exploration to the ancient villages, volcanos, three-colored crater lakes Kelimutu,beautiful beaches, waterfalls, scenic landscape, and a boat journey to 17 island Riung.


Komodo island is  known  as one of the destination in Indonesia where each year  some cruise ship  come with their passenger to visit this island Cruise ship tours to komodo
You will stay on the boat for two nights and on last night we will take you to stay at the hotel in Labuan Bajo.
Speacial trip to see Padar Island, Komdoo Island, Pink Beach and Manta Point as the best spot in Komodo National park.On this Padar Island Adventure
will start from Bali on first day, and will explore the Komodo National park to see Komodo Dragon in two days, combine with some snorkeling activity.
Provide 2 days trip to visit Rinca Island as the home of Komodo Dragon at Komodo National Park. You can start from Bali on first day, and direct for boating to Rinca Island.
provide the tour package if you want to start from Bali to see Komodo Dragon at Rinca Island, then will return to Bali in the afternoon.

Get Started with Komodo Adventure & flores Overlannd

Komodo Adventure, Flores Adventure, See Komodo dragon,Pink beach ,Cultural Tour,by Boat Carter and Cruise Ship


Flores Explore Tours 7D 6N also will bring you to visit 17 Island of Riung that famous by it’s white sandy beach and flying foxes.
0will take you to explore Flores Island 5 Days. became special,because on you have chance to see Wae rebo Village as theone of the highlights in Flores Island.
You will see the top of tourist destination on this trip such as: Kelimutu Lake, etc. We can set also this trip if you want to start from maumere or Ende (from the eastern part).
Wae Rebo Village Tour 3D | 2N is special tour program to bring you to visit Wae Rebo Village during 3 days 2 nights. This trip will start from Labuan Bajo
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